Customer Support Service

Helpdesk Access

  • Create support tickets anytime via e-mail or tickets portal.
  • Schedule remote support sessions as it's convenient to you.
  • Transparent timesheets access.
  • Live chat communication during the support session

Live communications

We communicate in a live group chat and we like to share our knowledge. If you want to learn you are welcome to request screen streaming so that you can see what is being done in your system.

You can access your sessions history in your customer's portal with video recorded sessions so that if you forgot smth you can always access it again.

ALWAYS use to send us sensitive data. For security reasons never send us any passwords by e-mail or chat. And please change your passwords after we are done. 

Special Partner support program

We understand that dealing with VoIP is not what an Odoo partner is expected to do for his customer.  We are here to take off all tasks on enterprise PBX setup and management from any company. 

3 Asterisk dCAP certified Asterisk gurus are here to use and share their knowledge and skills. 

Read more about OdooPBX ecosystem and our partnership program.

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