Managed PBX

€ 50 / month

Pay as you go plan.

We host your PBX and manage it with You or for You.

(Subscription fee does not include PBX configuration hours.)


€ 500 / year

You can save 2 months (€ 100) by getting a per year subscription.

(Subscription fee does not include PBX configuration  hours.)


Service terms & conditions

We setup a brand new PBX server in the cloud of your choice (Amazon, Google Compute, Linode, Digital Ocean, or any other provider).

We connect it to your Odoo and perform the initial configuration.

Next depending on your requirements we configure the PBX logic (create SIP users, connect SIP trunks and DID numbers, create the dialplan, queues, ring groups, etc.).

The setup cost is defined by the amount of work that needs to be done.

After You are fully setup You decide on the level at which You want to manage your system. We can do it together or you can outsource all tasks related to PBX management to our team.

Your requests are processed in our Helpdesk system. Note that when you use our Managed PBX service you don't have to buy a support subscription license.