Enterprise Edition

OdooPBX Enterprise Edition is a licensed version of OdooPBX with some special modules and services.

Call Center DirectLine support

Telephony is a key business service. And the PBX is the heart of telephony. 

If there is a problem with PBX, it should be solved as soon as possible, because by losing calls the company loses money and reputation.

We offer you protection against such a risk and for this we have launched a call center of instant response.

If you are an Enterprise customer and you've got an issue - you can just call us directly and get immediate response and assistance.

Hosted PBX included

Enterprise users can host their PBX in our cloud under our monitoring and better supervision behind anti-DDoS enabled firewalls.

This option is included for free.

But it is also possible to host your PBX on premises. OdooPBX has a built-in realtime WEB Asterisk console for remote PBX administration directly from Odoo. Also in OdooPBX Asterisk server is fully provisioned from Odoo so it does not really matter where your Asterisk is located and its location can be changed quickly without downtime. 

PBX Monitoring & Management

It is also possible to completely take off yourself of all worries about telephony.

We can take care of everything from installation to daily operations.

Connect users, numbers, SIP trunks, training your users how to be an effective PBX user, etc - we take care of everything.

This is a pay-as-you-go service that is offered to the Enterprise users only.

Local partner connection

If you come from a Partner channel you get bonus feature.

Your instance is also connected to the local Partner PBX to receive local support if required.

You can browse our Partner directory to find a local OdooPBX implementation Partner.

Find a Partner


Server and Users

Hosted / on premises PBX Server -  0.

PBX user - €10 / user / month

Enterprise modules

  • Asterisk Plus Dashboards €25 / month

  • Asterisk Plus AutoProvision €10 / month

  • Asterisk Plus Helpdesk €10 / month

  • Asterisk Plus Dialer €50 / month

  • Asterisk Plus CRM €10 / month

  • Asterisk Plus Sale €10 / month

  • Asterisk Plus HR €10 / month

  • Asterisk Plus Project €10 / month

Services for enterprise users

  • PBX configuration postpaid 1 €75 / hour

  • PBX Success Pack 5 €300 / 5 hours

  • PBX Success Pack 10 €500 / 10 hours

No, it does not. OdooPBX EE works both for Odoo CE and Odoo EE.

Only a few of OdooPBX EE modules depend on Odoo EE.

So if OdooPBX EE user want to use Odoo EE module he/she should switch to Odoo EE subscription.

But OdooPBX EE subscription does not require Odoo EE subscription.

You will receive an email with your Enterprise license code that should be entered in your OdooPBX settings.

After that your OneClickHelp button is connected to our support call center. And you can always request support by phone just in click.

You can use your OneClickHelp button to place SIP calls or in case of network loss dial 1234567890 from your mobile phone.

As a gift for the first users we will keep current promo conditions even when the action is over. So you will keep paying 100 / month even if you current subscription could cost €1000 / month. Thank you thank you thank you our best beta customers!

If you cancel the subscription you loose access to the Enterprise Apps and the Support call center.