The OdooPBX ecosystem

Asterisk conquered the world!

Most of the companies in the world use Asterisk PBX.

And nearly every company requires a CRM application. 

OdooPBX is an opening gateway

Asterisk Plus claims to be the best CRM connector for the Asterisk PBX. And it is free.

Many Asterisk users are coming to the Odoo world though the Asterisk + CRM way.

Once upon a time each newcomer enters Odoo's Apps menu... And most of the newcomers fall in love with Odoo and start dancing with it.

The Odoo dance is nice when your dance with a good Odoo partner.

Odoo as popular as Asterisk

Our dream is to create a better free PBX for business.

Because Odoo is not only the business ERP system it is also a perfect WEB platform.

It has a prominent modular architecture that allows building big products giving a wonderful all-in-one user experience.

We have developed an architecture that allows us to write nearly 100% Odoo code to create a telephony application.

In order to join the OdooPBX development you just need to know the Odoo programming.

We invite everyone to join our efforts in this direction. 


OdooPBX is a gateway from Asterisk into Odoo.

And we act as a bridge between Asterisk and Odoo.

We get requests for Odoo customisation from our Asterisk customers. 

And we pass them to Odoo integrators all over the world.

OdooPBX is a great new way to get new Odoo customers.

Join our partners ecosystem and start getting hot leads!

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